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Manifesto for Software Craftsmanship

It’s a human tendency to keep growing on whatever field he or she is in. And software development field is not an exception. The attitude of doing our best for whatever we do is the utmost satisfactory thing we can have. But, to continue the same at ease till the end needs a sense of ability to see where the technology is heading and where we can see ourselves in the trend. Without a clear vision, you might be moving ahead but going nowhere. And that’s where ROADMAP will be useful as a guide.

Roadmaps are a great way to implement a long-term, flexible plan for technology advancements and to keep you on track in executing that plan. With proper planning and commitment, creating a roadmap is a simple and easy process that will help you to reach your goals set. Being technology is growing with tremendous pace and hundreds of resources are available in the internet, it is obvious that aspirants will get distracted very easily with various resources and less time in hand. And they would be nowhere after spending a good amount of time.

So, keeping that in mind, and being my journey started with java, I have decided to start writing articles starting with a roadmap. Then I thought road map for what? Is it for a Front-end developer or for Backend developer or Full stack developer? It may be depending upon the aspirant what he or she aspire to be? After a deep thought and my experience, I came to realize that, it matters the most how much impact you have created in the area you are in. And being in software field, we can serve the world the most giving back to community in terms of solving most crucial problems using technologies. And we the technology community can make it possible working together with that common goal. Keeping this in mind, I feel instead of labeling us a front end developer or back end developer or full stack developer, I would like to make the community feel it as an art. And that’s why for me, we all are striving to become a SOFTWARE CRAFTSMAN. So, any stream of development we are in, let’s do this as a craftsmanship and serve the community in a simple but effective manner. And to begin with lets pledge ourselves with this. MANIFESTO FOR SOFTWARE CRAFTSMANSHIP.

I would like to end this article here as this would be very long in a single article to go in detail for each and every roadmap. Will continue contributing through writing and projects from now onwards to give back to the community for what I have gained from it.

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