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Succeed with 70-411: A Focus on Exam Objectives

  1. Configure File and Print Services (15-20%) Configure Distributed File 70 411 Exam Objectives System (DFS): In this section, candidates are assessed on their ability to configure DFS namespaces to facilitate efficient data organization and access. Additionally, configuring DFS replication is also covered. Configure File Server Resource Manager (FSRM): This objective entails configuring quotas, file screens, and generating reports to effectively manage and monitor file resources. Configure print services: Candidates are expected to configure printers, set up printer pooling for enhanced efficiency, and establish printer priorities to streamline printing processes.
  2. Configure Network Services (15-20%) Configure DNS: This objective delves into configuring DNS zones, records, and replication, crucial for seamless name resolution and network functionality. Configure DirectAccess: Candidates need to demonstrate their ability to implement server requirements and configure client settings for effective DirectAccess, enhancing remote connectivity. Configure a Virtual Private Network (VPN): Understanding VPN configurations, including 70 411 Exam Objectives routing and related settings, is a key aspect of this objective.

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