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Argonaut launches GCP Support

Argonaut now enables easy deployment of applications and infrastructure on Google Cloud. Just connect Argonaut with your GCP account, and use it to:

  1. Quickly automate builds and deploys
  2. Provision and manage the desired infrastructure on GCP, such as GKE, GCS, CloudSQL and more.
  3. Integrate with custom apps such as Helm charts, Datadog, etc.

Read the docs to learn more about deploying applications and infrastructure quickly on GCP using Argonaut.

Over the last year, Argonaut has simplified application deployments and infrastructure management for its customers who were AWS users. From deploying serverless applications on Lambda to deploying end-to-end microservices on Kubernetes - from creating VPC to provisioning EKS, integrating with 3rd party tools and continuous deployment.
Today, we’re going to simplify the same for Google Cloud users so that they can deliver reliable applications by leveraging today’s most mature managed Kubernetes solution - GKE.

The move to Kubernetes

As startups begin to scale, PaaS solutions often become limiting owing to their lack of configurability. That’s when most startups consider moving to the more configurable and scalable Kubernetes offerings such as EKS, GKE, and AKS.

While Kubernetes solves for scale and flexibility, there are two major challenges in migrating to it:

The GCP support on Argonaut solves for both by combining the developer-friendly abstraction of PaaS and the advanced flexibility of Kubernetes.

The best of PaaS and Kubernetes

You need networking, infrastructure, and automatic deployment regardless of the workload type. While fully-managed PaaS do this for you, managed Kubernetes providers like GKE require you to wire them up yourself. Argonaut eliminates this operational overhead by providing them out-of-the-box with embedded defaults and gives you the time to bootstrap your knowledge.

Once your depth of knowledge increases, you can start fiddling with the defaults to optimally orchestrate containers, networks, security, observability, and workloads.

Argonaut also provides access to a huge ecosystem of third-party tools that you can integrate with in just one click.

Any infrastructure you create on your GCP account using Argonaut is always accessible on your GCP console, so you never get locked in.

Get started

If you’re a startup looking to deploy to Kubernetes on GCP, you can easily do it with Argonaut without expert DevOps knowledge. To get started:

We can’t wait to see what you build with it! Get started here.

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